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Full waiting rooms? Empty corridors!?

Are you looking for doctors for your facility?
We would be happy to provide active support for your search!

When selecting suitable candidates, we focus on graduates who already have some knowledge of German and on junior doctors and specialists who are currently employed in the respective home countries.

Our clearly structured method means that our international applicants are able to take up employment in Germany within a short period of time.

We actively support you with all of the relevant formalities to ensure timely and efficient results.

We also constantly identify suitable suggestions for staff members from our pool of applicants as we are aware of the required level of qualification of your ideal candidate.

We provide these candidate suggestions to you in advance in the form of representative CVs.
If you are interested in the candidate, we will of course support you in planning and organising a meeting.

In this way, you can put all of your effort into selecting your new colleague.